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  • Fluorinated Fine Chemicals -fluorochemie

    Fluorinated Fine Chemicals. Used as electrical insulating oil, conductive coolant, dielectric fluid and lotion in aerospace industry, electronic industry and electric power industry. Used as corrosion inhibitor, transmission fluid, dielectric insulating oil for instruments. Used as cleaning agent of electronics, CD-ROM and precision instruments.

  • Fluorescein Diacetate (FDA)

    Fluorescein diacetate (FDA) is a cell-permeant esterase substrate that can serve as a viability probe that measures both enzymatic activity, which is require to activate its fluorescence, and cell-membrane integrity, which is required for intracellular retention of their

  • Fluid flow fluent laminar2

    CFD is a method that is used for approximate solutions (numerical solution) that are used for solving real problems in life which are simple or complicated i...

  • Inoflon Fluoropolymer Resin

    INOFLON ® PFA Pellets exhibit the following properties. Service temperature up to 260°C. Excellent dielectric properties. Superior creep resistance at high temperatures. Excellent low temperature toughness. Exceptional flame resistance. Processing methods: Extrusion, Injection molding, Compression molding and Transfer molding. Grade. MFR.

  • 【 】 Kuang Tien General …

    H02AA02 fludrocortisone. . C :. (),;。., ...

  • Endurance & Hydration

    Jeremiah Bishop. "As a science based cycling coach and racer I appreciate that Flow Formulas took the time to review the literature when designing their product. Flow includes everything you need and nothing you don''t to give you the highest carbohydrate absorption rate to keep energy levels up even in long events with the least amount of GI ...

  • Flow Formulas

    Flow Formulas is in Emporia, Kansas. 11 hrs ·. Big thanks to @industry_nine for hooking-up Flow riders @willloevner and @logan__kasper with entries into @unboundgravel and some sweet race wheels! 🙌🏼 Flow Formulas will have at least 5 sponsored riders going for glory.

  • Fluorination | Nadfinlo Plastics Industry Co., Ltd.

    Fluorination is a double barrier in the inner and outer surface of the fluorine atom bonding. It forms a permanent irreversible surface modification on surface of the plastic products, which permanently improves the barrier and adhesion properties of plastics. It is a completely dry process and plastic articles of any shape can be treated ...

  • Fluorescein Phalloidin

    Fluorescein phalloidin is a high-affinity F-actin probe conjugated to the green fluorescent dye, fluorescein (FITC). Selectively stains F-actin Excitation/Emission: 496/516 nm Superior to antibody staining Optimal for fixed and permeabilized samplesGet Superior

  • Products | Fluorosilicone Oils, PFPE Oils, PFPE …

    fluorosilicone oil, fluorosilicone elastomer, PFPE Oils, PFPE Intermediates, PTFE micropowder, Organic Fluorine Electret Materials Product Code Product Name CAS No Chemical Structure Main Applications Topda FC-77 Perfluorocycloether 40464-54-8 Used as

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