What's Hack4Culture?

Introducing the first event under the name of Mixed Coding Arts, organized by Unit4 Polska. Hack4Culture is a night hackathon exploring the theme of broadly defined culture. The focus is on local communities constituting a part of larger, global entity they can truly influence.

Use technologies and tools you know to better the quality of life in culture and society, better yet, to create new quality. Encourage others to get more involved, active and eager to share their knowledge, experience and achievements. Plan and help develop space tailored to fit your life. Hack4Culture - when innovation becomes art! The event will follow a previously scheduled agenda. Your work will be assessed by a professional judging panel, and any potential assistance or tips will be provided by our mentors. You will also be able to consult people of cultural recognition on your ideas and solutions. All participants of the event will receive gifts and top performers will be awarded attractive prizes.


Plus small gifts for all participants, as well as Microsoft Azure coupons for anyone interested.

Jurors and Mentors


Edwin Bendyk


Journalist, publicist and writer, Program Manager for City of the Future in DELab of Warsaw University, lecturer at the Centre of Social Sciences PAN. The head of the scientific in Polityka. He is an author of blog "Antymatrix". Author of many books, latest being the Rebellion in the Network (2012) concerning anti-ACTA protests. His collection of essays THE POISONED WELL. The power and freedom (2002) has been nominated for the NIKE Award 2003. He participated in the National Program Foresight Poland 2020 as a member of the Main Panel, was involved in a number of regional and sectoral programs foresight. The effect of these actions is the publication of the „Foresight. Art and techniques of managing the future" delivered under the project Pomerania 2030. Member of the Polish PEN Club. Involved in the social movement the Citizens of Culture. He has won many awards, including a European award "Against Discrimination", the Polish Society of Book Publishers award, Infostar award, Marek Car award and Infostat award.


Jan Strycharz


Graduate of International Relations at the Higher School of European Union, and the Public Policy in the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Coordinated many research and implementation projects - recently "Competence of culture personnel against the social change" realized by the Malopolska Cultural Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the Observatory of Culture program. In 2008-2012 worked as assistant at the Tischner European Higher School. The laureate of numerous scholarships. Currently a member of the management board and the program director of the foundation Workshop for Social Innovation that aims towards raising levels of intellectual, creative and social capital at the local level. He is also the co-author of the program and director of post-graduate studies for managers of culture "Culture Leaders Academy" organized by Economic University in Krakow, in cooperation with the National Culture Centre and the city of Wroclaw.


Alicja Snarska


Already during her studies she worked in a start-up. First as a Scrum Master, later as a Project Manager. For the last year and a half she has been responsible for everything that is related to the software engineers in the New Technologies Department in Microsoft – has taken part in tens of hackathons, conferences and meetups, heard hundreds of project ideas. Her experience is the best advisor on what may work and what may not- not only in technologies but also in the conceptual work or design. Since recently fascinated by IoT. In private life a fan of manual work and board games.


Łukasz Czajkowski


Director of the Centre for Business Support in ARAW, coordinating the work of the support team for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs in the area of Wroclaw Agglomeration. He also coordinates programs Creativro and Polski Czempion. Project Manager (PMP) with years of experience gained in the private sector and local government and state institutions for economic development (WARR, ARP, ARAW). Supported the investment projects of international companies such as: LG, UBS, Toyota, UPM Raflatac or Linde Gas; he also led a strategic advice projects related to the multi-faceted audit firms, restructuring and planning and implementation of the global strategy development.


Paweł Klimczyk


An experienced developer associated with C# since the beginning of the existence of .NET. Passionate about new technologies. Actively involved in the world of Polish .NET. Has his blog at Http://blog.klimczyk.pl. He is also a founder and administrator of group .NET developers Poland on Facebook. Has already made a few start-ups. Currently working on a job offers aggregator jobesto.com.


Tomasz Brzozowski


Since early childhood he was fascinated by IT and throughout his life that fascination has been only increasing. Loves each aspect of IT business- from a purely technical issues related to programming through project management and up to discovering the business requirements and direct work with the customer. This is most likely the main reason for which he has never really decided to pursue one career path. As far as possible he tries to simultaneously work as the system/solution architect, a business consultant, deployment and software engineer. No matter for which part of the process is responsible at a given time, it is the image of end users working with the final software which gives him the boost of energy necessary to take up new challenges. Regardless what he is doing at the moment: getting an exception when coding at nights, losing "memory" game with his four-year old daughter, or "tired" trying to return home five in the morning – always guided by the principle: "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better'.


Krzysztof Borgul


Lead Software Engineer for Unit4. From the beginning of his career related to Java technology and other working on the JVM. Recently has been looking into the secrets of the Node.js and modern frameworks of web applications such as React and Angular 2. Privately loves Terry Pratchett’s books and board games.


Łukasz Jawoszek


A developer with 3 years of experience, for nearly two years in UNIT4. In his work he focuses mainly on web solutions, primarily single page applications (SPA) using such solutions as: Knockout JS, Breeze JS. Privately likes to brew home beer and spend his free time actively.


Piotr Maniewski


In the companies he worked before the position he held was called differently. In practice, however, it turns out that he is an interpreter and a translator. He interpreters the language of people into the language of technology, namely, business analysis. In his work he finds as the most valuable the possibility to interact with other human beings; likes his team and the environment in which he spends most of the day. Out of office he uses all possible opportunities to climb artificial walls or the rocks in the area.


Dawid Chudaś


2 years of experience in testing software, initially in the small business, currently in Unit4 Poland. He has shown interest in testing during his studies, when getting to know many new pages and applications it often happened he was finding errors in their operation, thus he decided to try to become as a tester. Currently interested in many topics related to testing, in particular testing techniques - their use in order to optimize tests - less time spent while maintaining the quality of the tests and testing in pairs. Privately, he is interested in Economy (particularly in financial markets) and in his free time he likes sport and board games.


Jerzy Jura


A Business Analyst in Unit4. Until recently mostly responsible for testing of products, which has given him the opportunity to learn about their functional characteristics. Came to IT from a completely different line of business, namely, education. As a teacher of English for years he cooperated with numerous IT companies which, in turn, led to his interest in software. Currently, as an analyst, focuses on the most optimum solutions of functionality for both existing and proposed products. In private life his main passion is music, both passively- as a listener, and actively- as a composer.



4:00-5:00 pm

5:00-5:15 pm

5:00-6:00 pm

6:00-6:15 pm

6:15 pm

9:00 pm

Registration and welcome

Opening remarks, explanation of rules and the scope of the Event

Lecture by representatives of culture

Assigning team numbers

Start hacking



8:00-9:00 am

10:00-11:00 am

11:00 am

11:30 am


Presentation of ideas

Prize ceremony

Hackathon end



Conference Room C & D
ul. Wystawowa 1
51-618 WROCŁAW

Up for the challenge?

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Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications for the people and organizations operating in the services sector. At over 500 million revenue per year and with more than 4000 employees around the world, Unit4 delivers best-in-class ERP-oriented solutions for services industry. Thousands of organizations representing professional services, education, public services, non-profit organizations, real estate, wholesale and financial services use Unit4 products. Unit4 is designed for people. Further information can be obtained by visiting website, or watching us on Twitter (@Unit4global) and visiting us at LinkedIn page.

Unit4 Poland consists of three business units:

R&D in Wroclaw is one of the three branches of Research and Development in the global company Unit4. The other two are located in Norway and in Spain. About 200 people are currently employed in Wroclaw location. These include programmers, business and test analysts; they concentrate on the development of a global program Unit4 Business World.

Locally, in Poland Unit4 develops HR and ERP class systems, sold under the brand name TETA. Nowadays, more than 2 thousand companies and large or medium-sized institutions use Unit4 solutions. It is worth mentioning that these are the leaders in the lines of business they represent.

Central Customer Support in Wroclaw represents over 100-member team of consultants who assist clients in organizations using ERP software created by Unit4 worldwide.


Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency
Geek Week
Biuro Karier Politechnika Wrocławska
Miasto Przyszłości
Glucose, Swiss Formula
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All For You is a manufacturer and a distributor of functional drinks from Premium sector. In the product range of the company there are two types of drinks- Glucose Life and Glucose NoLimit. Both Glucose Life and Glucose NoLimit contain glucose, vitamins and minerals which are the ingredients regularly leached from the organism. Drinks complementing the vitamins and minerals provide great mood and remove visible signs of fatigue. Glucose NoLimit is enriched with caffeine, taurine and guarana which provide additional energy for the organism.

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Biuro Karier Politechnika Wrocławska

Wspieramy rekrutację pracowników, praktykantów lub stażystów, oferujemy również kompleksowe usługi związane z budowaniem wizerunku firmy, jako pracodawcy.

  • rozpowszechniamy oferty pracy, praktyk i staży w środowisku akademickim uczelni,
  • umożliwiamy prowadzenie rekrutacji na terenie kampusu PWr (Tydzień Rekrutacji, Speed Recruitment),
  • organizujemy spotkania pracodawców ze studentami (np. prezentacje, szkolenia, dni otwarte, wyjazdy itp.),
  • doradzamy i prowadzimy szkolenia,
  • regularnie wydajemy “Katalog Pracodawców” – zestawienie zawierające najważniejsze informacje o przedsiębiorstwach i obowiązujących w nich zasadach rekrutacji,
  • prowadzimy kampanie wizerunkowe wśród społeczności akademickiej.

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Industry leader in IT for many years. Everyone knows the company as well as its leading products such as Windows or Office. For several years it has been intensively investing in cloud technologies- Azure. Therefore, the company is very open to the Open Source idea. Another change indicator of this giant may be introducing Visual Studio development environment on Linux and OSX. The main focus is on the development of innovation e.g. the augmented reality glasses- HoloLens.

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Foundation MANUS acting for students at the Technical University of Wroclaw, has a wide array of comprehensive activities. It has 8 statutory purposes, e.g. improving the living and housing conditions, taking care of the development and career advancement of students and graduates and also supports the scientific activities as well as student culture in a broad sense. In addition to that, the foundation runs the shop offering souvenirs and a holiday hostel. Manus key projects include academic Working Days, Student Activity Days, insurance services for the academic community of the Technical University of Wroclaw, Student Bank of Accommodation - Instancje.pl. The Foundation also offers legal help and has the section for student support. In addition, it has many other projects run by volunteers and the people who just start their adventure with project management activities.

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Portal ekultura.org to miejsce generowania i upowszechniania wiedzy na temat: digitalizacji dóbr kultury i upowszechniania cyfrowych zasobów muzeów, bibliotek, archiwów i innych instytucji z sektora kultury. Chcemy aby cyfrowe obrazy naszego dziedzictwa były wykorzystywane przez jak największą liczbę Polaków, aby kultura mocniej zaznaczała swoją obecność w rzeczywistości cyfrowej, i żeby wspierała rozwój myśli, twórczości, ale także innowacyjnych przedsięwzięć kulturalnych, społecznych, czy biznesowych. By zrealizować ten cel, piszemy o kulturze w cyfrowych obiegach treści, badamy to zjawisko, organizujemy wydarzenia promujące zdigitalizowaną kulturę, a w końcu także szkolimy kadry kultury by potrafiły lepiej odpowiadać na wyzwania związane z rzeczywistością wirtualną i oczekiwaniami młodych odbiorców. Poprzez nasze działania chcemy przyczynić się do stworzenia pozytywnej historii polskiej digitalizacji.

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ARAW is a public nonprofit partnership wholly owned by the local governments with its seed capital of 22 million PLN. Its shareholders comprise 30 local governments belonging to Wroclaw Agglomeration. The executive body of the company is a 2-member board and the supervision of the activities of the company in all areas has a 3-member supervisory board. The ARAW consists of the following components:

  • Business Support Centre- responsible for promoting of the economy and active acquisition and contact with foreign investors,
  • Promotion and Services Center - implementing the projects related to the promotion and development of local governments, vocational education, and strategies for local development and EU projects,
  • The Editorial Board for the internet portal Wroclaw.pl - creating main web page for Wroclaw and other dedicated portals,
  • Company Office - responsible for financial, administrative and legal support for the activities of the company.

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Geek Week

Wroclaw is one of the biggest IT industry centers in our country. It is here where you can get the knowledge in all areas of broadly defined IT. And all this thanks to the groups of people who are eager to share their experience and expertise as well as to motivate you to continue developing yourself. There are plenty of such groups in Wroclaw which attract the professionals and people passionate about new technologies. Geek Week is an event which is organized exactly for such groups. It is a week full of conferences, meetings, speeches given by excellent lecturers, but most importantly it is a week of sharing the knowledge and experience.
The main objectives of the meetings during the GeekWeekWro include::

  • Showing how big IT-passionate community is;
  • Encouraging to share the knowledge and experience as well as to motivate each other both within the groups and the whole event;
  • Openness to new prospective members, people from outside;
  • Showing the essence of integration between the members from different groups;
  • Showing the increasing potential for the development of Wroclaw IT community.

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Masto Przyszłości

The City of Tomorrow/Laboratory Wroclaw - this is the all year long action program, during which time the people of Wroclaw and their guests will be seeking sources and possible scenarios for the future development. The curator of the project is Edwin Bendyk, a writer, futurologist, publicist and the head of the science section of the weekly Polityka and the City of Tomorrow DELab of Warsaw University. The events planned in the City of Tomorrow program include, among others, the exhibition ‘Eco Expanded City’ prepared by WRO Art Center and the accompanying conference ‘Interfaces, codes and symbols’. ‘Future of communication’ carried out in the center of the EIT+ exhibition, a series of workshops and international scientific meeting ‘Man Antropocenu’, discussion panels organized in the framework of the urban festival MIASTOmovie and Eurokonwent POLCON 2016 and many other events. The stem of the program is Social Foresight- Wroclaw 2036/2056, which is a large-scale survey designed to show how the inhabitants of Wroclaw see their city in the future.

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